Updated Service Schedule

Wednesday, 16 December – Advent Prayer Service – 7.30pm.

Thursday, 24 December (Christmas Eve) – NO MORNING MASS.
Family/Children’s Christmas Prayer (webcam only) – 5pm.
There will be NO Family/Children’s Mass.

Christmas Eve – Masses at 7.00pm and 9.00pm. * ** *** **** *
Christmas Day – Masses at 10.30am and 12 noon (and 9.00am depending on demand for the
above-mentioned Masses).

After Christmas Day, the usual schedule for weekend Masses will continue, Saturdays
at10.00am and 6.30pm, and Sundays at 10.30am and 12 noon respectively.

From Monday, 28 December to Wednesday, 6 January morning Mass will be at 10.00am.


*There are a maximum number of 50 seats available for each of our Christmas Masses. This
number is non-negotiable. We are encouraging people who wish to attend a Christmas Mass
at a particular time to book a place by phoning the parish number at 01-4570032. Consistent
with diocesan and government regulations, and due to the maximum number that can be
accommodated, a non-admission policy will apply to those who arrive for Mass but who have
not booked a place. Sorry, it’s the law!
** The obligation to attend Mass on the Sunday Vigil and on Sundays is still suspended. This
also applies to Christmas Masses. Therefore, we encourage people to attend Mass on a day
during the Twelve Days of Christmas in lieu of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
*** Over the twelve days of Christmas, we encourage parents to take their children to visit
the Crib here at our church. It is a helpful way to explain the real meaning of Christmas.
**** It is possible to gather for Mass via any parish webcam or via our own Sruleen parish
webcam at https://sruleenparish.com or https://churchservices.tv/sruleen.
* Hand sanitization before Mass and the wearing of masks during Mass are mandatory.

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