Volunteering in Your Parish


Here in the parish of Sruleen, we’re indebted to the work that our volunteers do on a daily basis across the parish. It begins with the morning time with the opening of the gates, the unlocking of the church, sacristans getting ready for Mass, flowers, cleaning, hospitality, music, sacramental preparation and everything in between up to closing the gates at night. Volunteering can be something you do daily, weekly or monthly. What you can contribute is much appreciated and needed!

By clicking on Ministries & Groups section of the website, you will find the ministries that are currently happening in the parish and are always looking for someone to give their time and talent to. If you would like to know more, there are various groups to get involved with, or else, get in touch with Fr Vincent.

All parish staff and volunteers are Garda vetted and follow the Safeguarding procedures  and policies very carefully in all that we do. You can find out more about this in our Policy & Procedures section of the website and find the details for Garda Vetting.

If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with one of the priests.

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